European Great Dane Breeders

We train to keep them in excellent shape

Beautiful Healthy, Handled, Socialized

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Are you a dog lover?

Are you specifically looking for Great Dane?

You have come to the right place. Poe Hill Danes is here to help you with the breeding of the European Great Danes. They are among the gentlest dogs that have ever been bred, even though their imposing size might seem to suggest otherwise.

We provide basic potty training, teach them to go in and out of doors, bath time training, and toenail clipping so they are well adjusted when they go to their forever home.

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The Trustworthy Breed

When a Great Dane is trained well, they grow to be extremely lovable and trustworthy dogs that will stand by their “pack” - you and your family - unflinchingly. They are extremely gentle giants and do excellently being around small children.

We make sure that they receive the right training and are not overly aggressive and can adapt to most situations.

Great Dane Puppy

They are extremely keen dogs and learn very quickly. A European Great Dane will be an excellent choice whether you plan to show it or just have it around as a family dog.

We’ve loved caring for all of our Danes, and hope that you’re ready to have an excellent experience taking home your own European Great Dane puppy, loving it, and letting it love you.

If you’re ready to get started with the process of adopting one of our puppies into your family, either contact us or complete the puppy questionnaire to the side. Take a look at some of our dogs and contact us if you have any questions.

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